Automatic Continuous Press Control - DYNAPRESS

The programmes for the various press cycles, which have been optimised for each production (pressure and thickness) are stored in the Server PC, along with all the configurations for the hydraulic control, temperature, speed control, belt displacement and so on relating to a continuous press.
It is possible to retrieve data whenever the thickness and production cycle need to be changed. It is of course possible to correct the working data at any time, and enter the parameters while the work process is in progress to maximize the work cycle.

The Scada PC has, for each production stored, all the parameters it needs for press control, (e.g. levels, pressures, speed, temperature…), furthermore some pressure and level graphs are also stored which provide a visual comprehension of the production in progress and enable comparison with the current setpoints in order to highlight any differences which could emerge.

Press opening is controlled by high precision position transducers which keep the system updated on the position of the press opening in relation to each regulator equipped frame.



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