Automatic Press Control System - PE2

The IMAL PE2 press control system has been designed to control press cycles on a wood-based panel production line and is able to control both single opening and multi-opening presses.


  • Levels calibrated electronically, no mechanical shims required
  • As many as 64 parameters may be programmed (pressure, levels, times, etc..) to identify each press-cycle
  • Individual hydraulic piston control (or in groups) to maximise the press cycle
  • Graphs supplied real time for parameter optimisation
  • Current and previous graphs may be compared to analyse any variations in the mat
  • Real time graphs showing single pressures for hydraulic and/or forming line analysis
  • Hardware error identification and/or cycle errors
  • Internal databases to store press cycle settings and graphs
  • May be used with single opening presses, multi-opening presses, particleboard, MDF, OSB.



  • Increase in production because less time is required for the press cycle
  • Board length may be varied
  • No stops when production thickness changes (you may change over from one production to another without wasting precious time)
  • Optimising of the automatic control of production thickness
  • No need to stop production should any of the transducers fail.



Tel +39 059 465500
Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.