Double Continuos Cross Cut Saw - SG700

The machine is composed of two beams which are used to hold the cutting blades, the height of which can be lowered as required. These beams are positioned at such a precise angle above the board that by using a check algorithm, the resulting cut is perpendicular to the side of the board. The blade carriages run on compact slides with a special integral ball bearing system driven by a highly resistant toothed belt, by means of pulleys, reducers, and electronically driven brushless motors. The cutting blades are equipped with protection guards for the operator’s safety as well as for protecting the surrounding area. The work area is kept clean by four suction points, two of which are mobile and the other two are located underneath the cutting surface of the board. Two pincer rollers, which have a central core with high density polyurethane covered rings, are normally placed just prior to and after the cutting area to ensure a constant board speed. These pincer rollers are driven using an electric axle to make sure that the speed at which the board advances is perfectly synchronized. The electric control of the machine provides countless format management possibilities, all of which are fully programmable.


  • Rapid switch over to a different cutting size • One saw on stand-by during normal operation • Accurate high speed cutting.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.