On-Line X-RAY Mat Density Gauge - ISO30X

The system performs an accurate on-line surface density analysis (weight per surface unit) along the cross section of the mat being examined. The analysis is conducted without any contact with the material by exploiting the X-ray control theory and the use of non destructive testing techniques.


  • Well collimated and suitably screened X-ray beam
  • Engineering aimed at minimizing scattered radiation.
  • Elevated sensitivity and measuring repeatability
  • No contact with the mat
  • Device controlled by remote PC
  • Average profile of the last “x” scans
  • Graph printing management
  • Alarm management
  • Deviation ranges (++/-- and +/-) shown on graph for instantaneous values (and on the averages graph) as the mat is being scanned, in relation to the average value of the last scan made
  • Possibility of linking up with Siemens H1 PLC
  • Able to operate with any kind of belt (even those with irregular density) thanks to the calibration system
  • System may be customized to suit customer requirements
  • Suitable for any kind of wood based panel.



  • The device is not equipped with radioactive isotopes: no radiogenic emission without power supply
  • Real time monitoring of production quality
  • Low maintenance costs.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.