On-Line Infrared Moisture Meter - UM700

The UM700 is an infrared photometric analyser which uses fixed near infrared wavelengths to measure the amount of moisture contained in a variety of products. The system is based on the capacity of the materials to absorb certain wavelengths of infrared radiation. The UM700 is a “stand-alone” sensor for the on-line monitoring of moisture content. Optional wall-mountable or hand-held operator interfaces are available for setup, calibration and maintenance.


  • Unaffected by light or material height
  • No contact analysis
  • No auxiliary signal processors needed for signal processing
  • Dual analog output
  • Versatile interface through RS 485 communication
  • On-line moisture monitoring possible with analogue signal to remote PC
  • Pre-set factory calibration
  • Easy to install.



  • The on-line monitoring of the moisture content may be used to perceive variations in the production process
  • The data saved may be used to provide an historical moisture trend.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.