IMAL on Panel World magazine, September 2014

IMAL en la revista Panel World, Septiembre 2014.

IMAL PAL GROUP the sole supplier for all your quality control requirements!!!
The IMAL PAL Group offers the most extensive range of quality control equipment currently available on the market today.
The on line quality control equipment offered includes the WINTHICK thickness gauge, the WINBLISTER blow detector, the combined WINBLICK thickness and blow detector, the WINLEV thickness gauge for the sanding line, the FBC100 full bond blister classifier, the CDP700 on line density scanner, the ISO30X X-ray mat weight per area analyser, the FDM100 X-ray density scanner, the UM700 infrared moisture meter, the UM900 microwave moisture meter, the UM300 moisture meter, the specially designed UC950 microwave  moisture meter to measure chip moisture content upon delivery to the facility, the BPM and BPP mat and panel weighing systems and lastly the automatic FWR mat transversal weight regulation system.
Safety quality controls include the SDS-1, SDS-4 and SDS-BUS spark detection and extinguishing systems, which are able to handle all requirements in terms of spark detection and extinguishing, from a minimal one point control (SDS-1), through to monitoring an entire area with one electronic unit controlling 4 spark detection and extinguishing points (SDS-4), right up to a network system capable of controlling 8 zones, each consisting of 90 areas, to monitor the whole facility, thus minimizing cable costs and relative laying (SDS-BUS). In addition, IMAL PAL Group also offers the APX X-ray cyclone plugging detector for MDF production and lastly the PSD300 press safety device to identify and discard foreign bodies in the mat prior to the pressing process. 
The range of laboratory control equipment includes the GA717-2 and GA717-4 lab formaldehyde emission testers (with 2 and 4 testing chambers respectively), the FIBERCAM 100 fibre optical screen along with the SCREENCAM100 for chip screening, the DPX300 density profile analyser and its compact DPX300-LTE version, the IBX700 laboratory tester for testing a host of mechanical properties, including density profile, recording all the details in a single database, the IB700 laboratory tester , the SWELLING & BOIL water bath for carrying out the swelling/absorption tests, the UM2000 moisture meter, of which 630 units have been sold worldwide, together with its compact UM2000-LTE version, the GEL TIMER for measuring resin gel time, the VM100 vibrating sifter, the LGB laboratory glue blender, the VU100 infrasonic sifter and the AUTOLAB, an automatic laboratory manufactured exclusively by the IMAL PAL Group.
No other player on the market is able to offer such a vast range of equipment to meet the specific work process quality control requirements.
Visit our website for more details and where you will find the answer to all your requirements: www.imalpal.com