Laboratory Moisture Meter - UM3000

The UM3000 has been designed to measure the amount of moisture contained in the material.
The material is dried by the heat coming from an infrared lamp. The method used is unaffected by any side effects which may be caused by colour, density, chemical properties or absorption which, with other methods, could produce unreliable results. It is equipped with a colour touchscreen for entering the data for the sample to be tested simply and rapidly and where the results are displayed graphically and numerically in a user-friendly manner. The unit comes with a printer for printing the report. The results may also be transmitted via Ethernet to the facility’s project data management.


  • Internal temperature control
  • Integrated thermal printer to print the data and graphics directly
  • Rapidly calibrated (directly from touchscreen) 
  • User friendly interface 
  • Calibration certification using primary reference samples 
  • May be used with all kinds of powdery and/or granular material 
  • Database for the test results as well as various laboratory information to speed up data entry 
  • Ethernet interface for the automatic data exchange with the IMAL Smartlab and the facility’s Project Data Management


  • Elevated measuring precision 
  • Test carried out rapidly 
  • Measuring repeatability 
  • No maintenance required 
  • Database to store the data 
  • Ethernet data exchange
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