IMAL в журнале MDF YEARBOOK 2013-2014

IMAL в журнале MDF YEARBOOK Magazine, 2013-2014

IMAL’s article about Resination Systems.

IMAL has specialized in the supply of resination systems for over 40 years, being the only supplier to have sold more than 850 systems world wide. Resin savings are guaranteed with its Dyna Hi Jet system in contrast to other systems, that simply spray the resin with steam, which every manufacturer can do themselves.

Development first began by analysing the resin crystals, the size of which was reduced on line to provide a more even distribution over the fibres. A high pressure pump which disperses the resin at over 100 bar is sprayed through special IMAL designed injector nozzles, which are designed to maintain a constant pressure, even when flow rates vary. This is important, because when on-line production variables affect resin flow rates  which can go from 10 to 50 kg/min, the sprayer nozzles will maintain a constant pressure of 100 bar. IMAL’s  sprayer nozzles are of a unique design, since the system does not mix steam with resin, but sprays it in small quantities into the blow line through separate sprayer nozzles. These are positioned opposite the resin nozzles, to help open the fibres to achieve a better distribution. The quantity of resin that can be saved typically ranges between 8% to over 20%, depending on the amount that is used in the process prior to installation,

Injecting the steam separately has the added advantage of being able to eliminate the troublesome blow valve, as the blow valve is opened completely and the steam is dosed to maintain constant counter-pressure in the Refiner. The resultant effect is that the more fibre  that is present, the less steam is used and vice versa. The lower the fibre flow, the more steam will be needed. The present system is currently achieving excellent results on some 40 MDF lines. For example, a customer in the Far East has installed five IMAL systems on five of its MDF lines. A customer in Korea, after installing the first system on their MDF Line 1, promptly ordered a second system for Line 2.

Another leading development is the Dynasteam system, which injects steam into the mat before it enters the press. IMAL has installed around 50 such systems, which rely on a special box that houses 9,000 parts and distributes the steam without forming damp spots. In addition, there are three independent steam distribution zones on each of the two sides, so that the amount of steam injected can be varied across the width of the board.  A recent installation on a particleboard line in Spain, where the press factor had dropped to 3.1 sec/mm, resulted in a 23% increase in production, following the application of steam,

It is possible to achieve a minimum 15% increase level on all MDF lines, which can run with ease in producing  2-50mm panels. In a recent installation on an MDF line in Britain, the customer was not interested in running the line faster. However, after putting the Dynasteam into operation the benefits became obvious. When steam is injected into the mat, the core reaches 100°C much faster than is normal, thus after applying steam on the large MDF line, the internal bond value increased by 15%. The operator therefore began lowering the amount of resin added to return to the IB value required for production. Thus resin consumption fell by 13 kg/m³, which, on the basis of the customer’s calculations, implied an annual saving of over £1mn, or $1.5mn/yr.