Группа«IMAL-PAL»на страницах журнала Serramenti&Falegnameria

IMAL-PAL Group on Serramenti e Falegnameria magazine, issue n.2-2014 (May-August).


Traditionally, the IMAL-PAL Group has focussed its R&D activities on designing equipment and systems that can offer a noteworthy contribution to cutting panel production costs, one of the top priorities for panel manufacturers today.
The DynaSteam is without doubt the most innovative of the proposals that will be showcased at Xylexpo 2014. The unit is rapidly installed on any continuous press line and, thanks to its flexibility, may be used to increase line production capacity by between 15 and 30% or to lower production costs by cutting resin consumption by at least 10%.     
The economical impact that this unit could have on line management is easily calculated and the end result will always be “an investment which is paid back within a few months”.
Another innovation which IMAL will be presenting at the Xylexpo 2014 is its latest high pressure resination system for PB, MDF and OSB, which can reduce resin consumption by between 10 and 25%.  
The resin injection system consists of a high pressure pump, a micronizer to crush and homogenize the resin crystals to achieve a better distribution and a set of special sprayer nozzles that keep nebulising pressure constant as the flow rate of the dosed resin varies.
This resination technique distributes the resin over the wood in a much more uniform manner  to ultimately improve the physical-mechanical properties of the panel, thus consenting a reduction in the amount of resin utilized in the process.  
R&D activities have also been pursued in the direction of on-line process control systems for monitoring production quality real time.
The FBC100 is the result of intense IMAL R&D activity to produce the first and only system in the world that can offer 100% monitoring of the board’s surface for blisters and/or delamination defects. Furthermore, the FBC100 provides a host of information on production, such as cure, moisture content, and internal bond, to optimize pressing parameters to achieve an end product that corresponds perfectly to production requirements.
These are just some of the interesting new products which IMAL will be offering its customers at this year’s edition of the Xylexpo.
Over the last twelve months, the IMAL-PAL group has strengthened its position as a leader in the wood-based panel industry, thanks to ongoing R&D activities and to the operational synergy formed with Globus, who recently joined the group, to complete the already wide range of products offered.



The Imal-Pal group maintained its position in 2013 as a world leader in the production and supply of complete plants, machinery and innovative systems for the manufacture and processing of particleboard, MDF, OSB, insulation board, pellets and pallet blocks.
The group further strengthened its presence on the market when it was joined by Globus Srl, a merge which has completed and amplified the wide range of services and products offered.

Pal will be presenting its new Cleaning Tower at the Xylexpo which is able to clean all kinds of pollutants from the flow of wood chips. This new cleaning technology combines three grading principles: the first being that of demetallization accomplished with highly efficient magnetic systems, the second adopts the principle of aerodynamics, where inert substances are separated from the wood particle flow by a jet of air which removes them on the basis of their density, surface and shape; and lastly the spectrographic principle which optically identifies the spectrum of the wood and all the other contaminants and, by applying jets of compressed air, separates out all the materials which are not wood. With this principle it is also possible to identify black bodies which, despite being unclassified material, may be separated out from the wood.