UNILIN, Belgium: new GLOBUS knife ring flakers

Belgian company Unilin Wielsbeke decide the complete replacement of the existing knifes ring flakers with the new Italians Globus mill equipped with the famous “Wobble distributor disc”.
Unilin test for one year long, the Globus machine type SRC 14.690-54C, having the right to verify the incredible performances in capacity and energy saving of the machine. Starting from this point, they order two new flakers, for September next.

By this order, Globus already sold 18 new knifes ring flaker over the last two years, to most reputable worldwide particleboard producers.

True to the spirit of the ImalPal group motto: “Innovation is constantly in our mind”, Globus has recently develop a revolutionary concept in knifes ring sharpening operation: “The sharpening room”.
The innovative Globus system utilizes an industrial robot that is able to conduct all the operations in a highly flexible manner and with a host of different sharpening programs.
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