• Volumetric dosing of wet and dry particles
  • Excellent dosing-metering solution for dryers, process mills and blenders

Dosing Bin

  • Strong-modular bin provided with: inspection windows - electronic levels for filling control - fire-extinguishing system for dry materials - explosion protection system for dry materials
  • Levelling chain
  • Dosing belt provided with: automatic tensioning system - self-centering system - cleaning brush
  • Front scalping-fluidizing rolls
  • Drive systems
  • Pre-wiring of all electrical fittings up to a Junction box

Volumetric accuracy from Dosing Bin

  • For wet/dry flakes: +/- 2,5% relating to instant flow
  • Pre-condition: continous-constant feeding of material and constant running of dosing bin
  • Employment range from 10 to 100% of nominal throughput


  • Perfect mixing of particle flow from scalping rolls milling the all front section
  • High-stable volumetric accuracy
  • Very high weighing-metering accuracy
  • Accuracy is related to instant flow and not to the full scale value as in conventional systems
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Very low maintenance
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