• The small size of the BT or BN model means that they can be installed in any plant
  • BT or BN model are particularly suitable for all plants where continuous material weighing is required to assist in on going adjustments and controls.

The material is conveyed on a belt connected to an electronic weight transducer. The signal is converted by an electronic amplifier that instantly displays the weight in Kg/min or lb/min.
The continuous belt scale consists of:

  • A strong metal frame partially closed with two dust extraction ports
  • A weighing belt made of anti-static material and managed by a mechanical autocentering system
  • A pneumatically activated mechanical cleaning system which ensures that the bottom of the scales is always clean, virtually eliminating any maintenance
  • An electronic auto-tare system
  • A load cell amplifier designed especially for industrial weighing systems which are located in very adverse working conditions
    Working in such adverse environments is made possible because all the electronic components of the amplifier are contained in a very strong, sealed, metal case. The amplifier is suitable for use with load cells which work in a proportional way; an increase in weight increases the output signal.

The amplifier, positioned on the side of the scales, displays the following:

  • % flow of the previously selected full scale
  • Throughput in kg or lb/min (real, present). The amplifier is an ideal interface between load cells installed on the plant and registering instruments, process calculation and control device.

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