The MDF Dynaformer is used to form a uniform “mat” of wood fibre, resinated at a prior stage in the work process, which is then conveyed to the press.
The wood fibre which is loaded through the load chute into the forming bin, is fluidized as it travels through the rotating combs mounted at bin outfeed. The wood fibre then falls into the distributor roller head due to the effect of gravity. The purpose of the roller head is to form an accurate and uniform wood fibre mat on the belt which runs below the forming station. The speed, gap, height and angle of the distributor rolls are easily and automatically varied to improve the transversal and longitudinal distribution of the fibre on the forming belt. A scalper system is installed just after the distributor roller head, the height of which varies automatically to keep the mat weight required by production constant. The “piano” system for automatic regulation, by the ISO40X or PSD, or manual regulation of the transversal weight profile, may be fitted as an option below the scalper or above the mat prior to the scalper itself. This system maintains the typical transversal weight profile required for each production constant over time. The former is equipped with a system that is able to vary the width of the formed mat An accurate weighing bridge is mounted inside the forming bin to weigh and measure the density of the material metered inside the forming head real time to ensure that the weight of the formed mat is accurate. A set of levels ensures a constant fill to the forming bin.

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