• User-friendly software
  • Clear and modern graphics with simple and intuitive controls
  • Powerful calculation sheets to aid the technologist with the recipes
  • May be used with most of the SCADA programmes available today (IMAL-WINSCADA, INTOUCH, RSVIEW)
  • Modularity and open to future expansion
  • Available with SIEMENS PLC or Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Incorporated database to store all the alarms and consumptions report, available in several formats, by day, month, and year
  • System may be linked up with other equipment for data exchange, and is fully compatible with the industrial networks used for automation today, such as ETHERNET, PROFIBUS, DEVICE NET, CONTROL NET, etc.
  • The dosing system can run with signals from the screw feeders (MDF only), from the main scale, from the forming line scale
  • Suitable for all kinds of blending processes and boards (particleboard, MDF, OSB)
  • Various settings possible for component quantities
  • Supervision of all the phases from component preparation through to dosing


  • Monitoring of the alarm status
  • Absolute simplicity in the monitoring of the plant status
  • Less time wasted for production programming and eliminating errors
  • Better production control
  • Dosing managed over several levels and layers
  • Automatic control cuts down the time required for cleaning operations

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