“MWAVES” is a Research and Development project involving a gauging system capable of detecting foreign contaminants and hollow spaces in wood fibre panels.




The aim of the project is that of designing a gauging system capable of exceeding the technological limits which characterise systems used to evaluate density and to identify the presence of foreign contaminants inside wood fibre mats for the production of wood fibre boards (MDF).

The following results have been achieved with the project:

  • Creation of a database and calibration function able to supply a relation between permittivity and permeability values and values for density, moisture content and the presence of foreign contaminants as the wood fibre varies;
  • Design, construction and validation of an antenna that is able to obtain band, directivity and signal to noise ratio;
  • Design and construction of custom electronic componentry for the front-end and antenna control;
  • Design and validation of a “complete” gauging system consisting of an appropriate array of elementary measuring systems.