LABFORMER100 has been designed to produce a 500mm x 500mm MDF or particleboard panel with density evenly distributed over the surface, in a simple and rapid manner (other sizes on request).
The material is loaded into the former on a tray, which may be filled beforehand. Once the tray is loaded, the material is conveyed by a belt, the speed of which may be set via the software. A set of speed-controlled, height adjustable comb rolls form the mat in a homogenous manner. The speed at which the bottom tray moves may also be adjusted to achieve an optimal longitudinal distribution of the material. Lastly, a cylinder pre-presses the newly formed mat before it is extracted to be hot pressed. The software has a self-learning function making it possible to calculate, at the start of each new test, the number of longitudinal cycles which need to be run to ensure that the mat is composed of complete layers and that it is perfectly flat.
At the end of the mat forming cycle, the mat can be pre-pressed by the pneumatic cylinder located in the tray discharge area. The portable tray is used to remove the mat and place it in the hot press to produce the board for testing purposes. The front panel is equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen for all the various parameter settings. The data for the mat which is to be produced is set from the screen and the various recipes may be saved in the database for easy retrieval in future.


  • Adjustable forming belt speed
  • Adjustable roll height
  • User friendly touch screen
  • Self learning software
  • Internal database
  • Pre-press

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