The SW200 and BT200 appliances consist of a water bath which is used to carry out laboratory and immersion tests on samples of wood-based panels (particleboard, MDF, OSB) in accordance with EN European standard requirements (it may also be used in conjunction with other IMAL equipment) such as:

  • Swelling and absorption (EN 317)
  • Boil test (EN 1087-1)


  • The system has a control unit for regulating temperature as required by the EN standards
  • Up to 2 separate timers may be set on the touchscreen display (one per sample rack)
  • Temperature is monitored from the trend view
  • The equipment comes with racks for immerging the samples for the test that is to be carried out, the 2 racks for the EN317 swelling test have been designed to house the samples in full compliance with the standard requirements and the distances indicated. The number of samples which may be immerged will depend on sample thickness plus a minimum space between one sample and the next. The SW200 can hold up to 136 samples (depending on thickness). The 2 racks for the BT200 version for the EN1087-1 test can house the samples that have been glued to the relative supports, the bath can hold 24 samples.
  • Water temperature is set on the display in relation to the test which is to be carried out, and is regulated by a PID control; an immersion heater is fitted inside the tank to regulate the water temperature at the required value. If the difference between water temperature set-point and the environmental temperature is less than 2°C, an optional immersion cooling circuit can be provided. Imal recommends a solution of this kind to keep the temperature where the machine is located at the recommended temperature and to ensure that the water remains “still” during the test as per the standard requirements.
  • The system is also equipped with a level control, safety temperature control and drain tap.

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